Thursday, 21 May 2015 17:03

Tried & Tested – St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

st tropex gradual in shower self tanner mens groomingSt.Tropez thinks it’s found a man friendly tanning product. This new ‘Gradual Tan In Shower’ product does exactly what it says.

You get in the shower, wash normally, get out and lather the lotion onto wet skin and wait for three minutes before climbing back into the shower and rinsing it off. The colour develops over the next eight hours.

St.Tropez claims the product will not stain the shower or leave marks on towels and will deliver an even, light glow which can be built upon with consecutive applications.

The tanning agent – known as DHA – has been specifically designed to get to work as soon as it comes into contact with wet skin.

Twenty five per cent of men they surveyed said they would be more likely to try self tan if they could get in done in just three minutes.

Left - St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower – 200ml - £14.50

TheChicGeek says, “The one thing that had put me off fake or self tanning products before was the smell and mess. This promised to get rid of both those things. It’s very simple. You wash and then climb out of the shower. Then apply.

The 200ml size will certainly last a good few showers. The product didn’t lather up like I imagined, but I was reliably informed this was because of me being in a hard water area. It was still visible enough to see where I was putting it, though.

Once fully covered - it is okay to put it on your face - you should wash your hands and then pat the backs of your hands on the small of your back, so the backs of your hands are still covered.

So, what to do with those 3 mins? Apart from being glad it wasn’t the middle of winter! I cleaned my teeth – 2 mins and flossed which roughly took me to the golden 3 mins. If you leave it longer you just go a darker colour.

Back in the shower and rinse off.

I did 4 showers on 4 days, consecutively. I noticed it more after the first shower than I did the last. As this is a gradual tan I think it is less scary than a radical skin colour change and definitely suited to somebody, like myself, not used to self-tanning.

I would say the colour was subtle - don’t expect to look like you’ve spent too weeks lying on a beach, but it certainly took the edge off the whiteness. It passed the sniff test. There was a slight scent, but very slight and no stains on my towels and bed sheets.

Anything that makes you look and feel healthy without the potential of damaging your skin through UV exposure I’m all for. This is really simple to use and I can see it being popular with guys. Will I continue to use it before my holiday? Yes.”

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