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Dress for Success at the Poker Table

how to dress for successToday poker is a mammoth industry with over 7,653 poker tables in casinos worldwide. It has grown from a casual game that was played behind closed doors and at dedicated tournaments to becoming a global phenomenon. To get a sense of how big the industry is Card Player reported that PPPoker held a tournament in London this January, with other tournaments planned in Europe, the Americas and Asia. And that is just one company. If you go to one of those tournaments you will also see a wide range of different styles being worn. From the unusual shades of “Greg 'the Fossilman' Raymer” to the sleek attire of Phil Ivey, every player will approach their poker fashion in a different way. The question is, why should you mind how you dress at the tables and which style will suit you?

What you wear communicates volumes about you as a person and can affect how your opponent will play against you. At the same time, Inc mentioned that your clothing also affects the way you think. For instance, men who wear suits showed an improved ability to see the bigger picture and make sharp financial decisions, since professional attires created social distance, which makes us think in more distant, abstract terms. This is why how you dress for the poker table can have an impact on how you play and how others perceive you.

how to dress for success So for example if you wear a simple suit with a good pair of dress shoes your opponents will think that you take yourself and the game very seriously and it could affect how they play and whether they call your bluff or not. If a suit is just not your style, you can choose to wear a blazer or a sports jacket over a pressed button-up shirt and a pair of canvas or leather sneakers for the same effect. If you want to hide your features, a hoody and dark shades will make it harder for people to notice any physical tics you may have.

Thrive Global explained the importance of wearing comfortable clothing that doesn't sacrifice presentability. This is incredibly important, because not only can the littlest sign of discomfort give away valuable information to your opponents, but the slightest distraction can mean the difference between being focused and suddenly finding yourself out of the game. In addition to dressing smart, it also pays to have additional accessories that can level up your look such as a watch. If you are the type who doesn’t fancy talking with others, you can also bring headphones with you to tune out unwanted poker table chatter.

In poker, as with everything else, it pays to dress the part. You don’t have to look like James Bond to play but it does pay to put some thought into how you dress for the poker table. We hope this guide helps you the next time you find yourself getting ready for a game at the local casino!

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