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Book The Jermyn Street Shirt

men's book formal shirt the jermyn street shirt book review jonathan sothcott'World’s best-dressed film producer' reveals secrets of the Jermyn Street shirtmakers. The mecca of fine British shirtmaking for more than a century, Jermyn Street boasts an embarrassment of past patrons, including Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, the Prince of Wales, the Beatles and on-screen hero James Bond.

Seen as a stuffy and elitist institution for many years, the advent of Instagram has thrown the doors open to the world’s finest shirtmakers as tailoring enthusiasts gather to share their passion. Whether off the peg, made to measure or fully bespoke, Jermyn Street lures a man towards a world of sartorial elegance. This is the first book to share its secrets. Unique access to many of the makers, such as Turnbull & Asser, Hilditch & Key and Budd, by author, Jonathan Sothcott. A film producer, he has produced over 30 films, working with the likes of Jason Statham, Ray Winstone, Mark Hamill and Sir Roger Moore, who introduced him to his shirtmaker some 15 years ago.

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TheChicGeek says, "Most importantly, the book teaches you how to pronounce Jermyn Street properly. Once and for all, it is 'Jer-min', not 'Jer-main' or 'Jer-man'. This book is a love letter to the traditional English formal shirt and its most famous environ of London.

The traditional work shirt has taken quite a hit since the pandemic and I think many of the traditional establishments of Jermyn Street will be hoping the worst is over, those hedge fund managers get back to their offices in Mayfair and the tourists return full of their dollars to spend on quality British products.

Sothcott and I have a similar background. We're both around the same age and from the same part of South London. He talks about Allders of Croydon, which I remember well, being his introduction to the shirt and menswear. (The sub-editor should have checked the spelling of this once huge department store). He speaks about his further education in the finer things in menswear and reminds us how lucky we are to have such a unique collection of brands and makers on our doorstep. London really is the home of global menswear and Sothcott enthuses with the addiction we all experience as menswear geeks. 

The book looks at the history of Jermyn Street, the types of materials and shirting options, caring for your shirts, and, most interestingly of all, a in-depth look at the most prestigious brands on the street. There is lot of detail and name dropping as he works his way around the street.

While the uniform of work is changing, this a reminder of the history, thought and skill that goes into a great British shirt and the street that put this historical and loved item of clothing on the international map."


Disclosure - A copy was sent free for review

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