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If you’re unsure of something TheChicGeek has said or would simply like to know more regarding the origins of a particular word or men’s wear term then you've found the Geekipedia. A glossary of men’s wear terms, the Geekipedia is an easy to use!
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Dart - A tapering fold sown on the reverse of material in order to shape it
Dealer Boot
Dealer Boot - An ankle-high, leather boot with an elasticated side insert which allows the boot to be easily taken on and off. Associated with the sixties and those groovy males strutting down Carnaby Street. Also know as ‘Chelsea Boots
Deerstalker - A cap with side flaps that can be tied onto the top. It is the type of hat that Sherlock Holmes is usually depicted wearing
Denim - The twilled cotton fabric used for overalls and jeans. The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge, originally made in Nîmes, France. It was originally called ‘serge de Nîmes’ the name was quickly shortened to denim.
Derby - The American term for a ‘Bowler hat
Desert Boot
Desert Boot - The original desert boot was invented 60 years ago by Nathan Clark. The inspiration for the shoe came from a crepe-soled boot made out of rough suede popular in Cairo's fabled Old Bazaar. The desert boot became the footwear of choice for off-duty Eighth Army officers, In 1950, the shoe was exhibited to the world for the first time at the Chicago Shoe Fair. Worn by Steve McQueen, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller and the Beatles. The desert boot continues to look great 60 years on.
Doeskin - A woollen cloth made to look like a doe’s skin by felting. It has a smooth, velvety finish.
Dogtooth Check
Dogtooth Check - A textile pattern of broken checks, often seen in black and white. Also Houndstooth Check.
Donegal Tweed
Donegal Tweed - Doni-gal - An Irish tweed originally woven in County Donegal, that has a rough, knobbly surface. It is often woven with dark and light flecks and the pattern is generally called ‘pepper and salt’. This is a very stylish tweed to have a single breasted suit made from and to wear during the autumn and winter months.
Donkey Jacket
Donkey Jacket - A simple single breasted workman's jacket, usually in navy, with leather or plastic on the shoulder-blade areas.
Drill - A stout twilled linen or cotton cloth used for shirts and shorts
Duffle Coat
Duffle Coat - A coat made from duffel, a coarse, thick, woollen material. The name derives from Duffel, a town in the province of Antwerp in Belgium where the material originates. Duffle coats are a traditional British garment, dating from 1890 when John Partridge, a manufacturer of outdoor clothing, started to market coats made from duffel fabric. The wooden toggle-fastenings were made to be easily fastened and unfastened while wearing gloves in cold weather at sea. Paddington Bear is always pictured wearing one.