Monday, 01 March 2021 17:35

Halpern Autumn-Winter 2021 collection

With the end of lockdown 2.0 rapidly approaching fashion has awoken and a fantastic example of the new beginning is Halpern and their Autumn-Winter 2021 collection.

Haydon Perrior Thomas De Cruz Media

Emergence is the mantra of our moment in time. A prospect loaded with hope and optimism for a freer way of life, it doesn’t simply characterise an action but a new mindset. For Autumn-Winter 2021, Halpern conveys through form and fabric the transitional phase in which we find ourselves. Created in a time of restraint, for a time of unrestraint, the collection observes the joie de vivre of glamour through the reflective binoculars of our collective experience.

Silhouettes defy domestic dress codes and embrace a real feeling of ‘dressing’ once again: catsuits, jumpsuits and bathing suits invite an alluring sense of movement, while skirt suits, party dresses, sarongs and evening gowns – some styled from separates – are de-constraining in construction. Homey ideas of comfort are replaced with a real-life sense of functionality interpreted in eveningwear. Imbued with ease, it emerges with determined ostentation, adorned in multi-colour sequins, leopard print, graphic intarsia patterns, and polka dots.

The memory of discotheques and dance parties conjures sensual and light garments that provide the feeling – if not yet the possibility – of glamorous social pursuits. The emotion is exemplified in a black fil coupé-on-chiffon jumpsuit with gold lamé polka dots and a deep V filtrage cut-out, in a scanty skirt suit with an all-over black and white intarsia sequin embroidery, or – for full emergence – in a gown structured from a black diamanté brazier and a draped scarlet satin-silk train skirt.

Halpern’s ongoing collaboration with Christian Louboutin features suede knee-high frill boots in black, fuchsia and scarlet, and stiletto sandals in a corresponding palette. Championing London based creatives, Halpern has also collaborated with local Peckham-based SAGE Flowers to produce the creative floral set for AW21.

Haydon Perrior Thomas De Cruz MediaHaydon Perrior Thomas De Cruz MediaHaydon Perrior Thomas De Cruz MediaPhotograph credits: Haydon Perrior Thomas De Cruz Media