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If you’re unsure of something TheChicGeek has said or would simply like to know more regarding the origins of a particular word or men’s wear term then you've found the Geekipedia. A glossary of men’s wear terms, the Geekipedia is an easy to use!
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L.12.12 - The L.12.12 is the original polo shirt designed by René Lacoste himself and first appeared in 1927. The Lacoste L.12.12 polo shirt, with its unique, breathable Piqué fabric, soft collar, ‘tennis tail’ and legendary Crocodile logo, heralded the birth of contemporary sportswear. L is for Lacoste, 1 is for the fabric, 2 is for the short-sleeved design and 12 is the version finally selected by René.
Lapel - la-pel - A part of the coat folded back which continues on from the collar. There are three basic forms of lapels: notched, peaked and shawl. Notched are your common everyday lapels found on suits. Peaked lapels are more formal, and nearly always used on double breasted jackets or coats, the point at the shoulders. Shawl is usually found on dinner jackets and is rounded with no points or strong angles.
Lawn - Lawn was originally a linen material made in Laon, France. Today it is mostly cotton and is known for its semi-transparency.
LC:M - London Collections Men. London's men's fashion week which runs twice a year in January and June.
Linen - lin-in- Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant. It is valued for its coolness during warmer months.
Long Johns
Long Johns - Underpants with long legs. The name is derived from the old boxing gear worn by John L. Sullivan, who was a boxer in the late 1880s. They were sent out to soldiers during the first world war.
Lovat - Luv-at - Lovat is a heather mixture colour made of of a blend of soft blues, greens, and a little brown usually found in tweed or woollen cloth.
Lurex - Lurex is the brand name for a type of yarn with a metallic appearance. The twine is most commonly a synthetic fibre, onto which an aluminium layer has been vaporised. "Lurex" may also refer to cloth created with the yarn.