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Label To Know MrQuintessential

MrQuintessential cashmere sweaters jumpersSimon Jacobs, MrQuintessential’s founder, explains, “Fashion is at its best when the pieces are stunningly exclusive yet completely inclusive and that’s what we have achieved with this collection. It looks great, it’s really wearable and not at a ridiculous price point.

“We have really considered this collection as creating solutions for our client’s wardrobe that they will want to wear over and over again. These are timeless pieces with a modern twist which is what we are starting to be known for.

Left - Family affair - Simon Jacobs & Sons

“In my late 30s, I realised that nothing I owned fit my age. I was too old to wear the street clothes with large logos that I’d worn before, but I didn’t want to wear the standard, lifeless clothing available for middle-aged men. Instead, I wanted to show that life is only just beginning – being 40 is just like being 20, only you are a little older and a little wiser.

“Finding clothing that matched my attitude and approach to life was a difficult task. So, in 2016, I decided to start my company, MrQuintessesntial, with the aim that no other man needed to face the same dilemma I did. I wanted to provide comfortable and stylish men’s cashmere sweaters in different styles and designs, but I didn’t want to put a luxury price tag on them. So that’s what I did.

“This collection is the epitome of that timeless style. Pieces that you will love to wear but that wont wear you.”

MrQuintessential cashmere sweaters jumpers

Mr Quintessential is a men’s cashmere specialist marrying purposeful design, ethically sourced and sustainable luxury and handcrafted finishing touches to create pieces to wear for years to come. Each piece is crafted in a blend of the finest sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere and fine Merino wool, to create a comfortable fit that is breathable and soft.

Left - MrQuintessential - Sloane Detail Cashmere Sweater - £250

TheChicGeek says, "While I'm a massive fan of Scottish cashmere and knitwear, it is always worth remembering the exceptional quality produced by the Chinese - cashmere is their home fibre after all. They produce some of the finest and best value for money cashmere and knitwear in the world. MrQuintessential offers plenty of styles and colours, with a few subtle design touches, to update this timeless mesnwear staple."

Prices from £50

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