Wednesday, 13 April 2022 12:10

Menswear Label To Know VOYLOK

menswear labels to know Voylok unisex wellies wool bootsVOYLOK boots are made with wool and hot water - that’s it. No seams or stitches, no dyes, no chemicals, no waste.  A British sustainable footwear brand, one pair of boots will take you anywhere you want and if you slip off the natural rubber overshoe you can even wear them at home.  Because they are so easily separated, it makes end of life solutions simple: the wool boot goes in your garden or compost, and the rubber overshoe goes in the recycling.  It’s that simple.

VOYLOK boots come in a reusable RePack bag - no tissue paper or cardboard boxes in sight and all 22 kgCO2e of carbon is offset via certified rewilding projects.

For every pair of boots bought,  VOYLOK plant a native tree on our customers’ behalf - such as alder, birch, rowan or willow.  They are planted in deforested areas of the UK helping to turn open hillsides and glades into healthy, diverse and meaningfully wild forest areas.

VOYLOK is run by a collective of individuals who are all passionate about spending more time in nature.   They come from varied backgrounds with experience spanning Burberry, lululemon, Heist, PANGAIA and even Coca-Cola. They live all over Europe but have each found their truest, wildest selves in the outdoors, and believe the world will be a better place if more people spend more time in nature.

menswear labels to know Voylok unisex wellies wool bootsVOYLOK - Classic Boot - £145, Shortie Boot - £115

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