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If you’re unsure of something TheChicGeek has said or would simply like to know more regarding the origins of a particular word or men’s wear term then you've found the Geekipedia. A glossary of men’s wear terms, the Geekipedia is an easy to use!
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Mackintosh - A form of waterproof raincoat, first sold in 1823, made out of rubberised fabric. The Mackintosh is named after its Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh. The distinctive smell is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.
Made-to-Measure - This is the construction of an item of clothing, usually to suit your exact measurements. Made-to-measure manufacturers use both machine- and hand-sewing. Made-to-measure also requires fewer fittings than bespoke, resulting in a shorter wait between customer measurement and garment delivery.
Madras Check
Madras Check - Madras check is a fabric made of patches of Madras plaid fabric. Madras plaid fabric is pure cotton fabric woven in the city of Madras, India, and is known for its bleeding qualities and softness making it ideal wear for summers. It is usually brightly coloured and is only worn in the summer months.
Maillot - My-yo - Close fitting knitted shirt
Manket - The male blanket as seen on the AW14 catwalks at Burberry and Louis Vuitton. Wear like a shawl or an oversized scarf.
Manscaping - The male art of waxing, shaving and body hair removal
Marl - A mottled yarn or fabric. Classically seen in grey.
Matelot - Mat-lo - A stripy, blue and white sailor’s jersey made famous by Jean Paul Gaultier. The bottle of his classic fragrance Le Male is wearing a matelot.
Also called Greek key or Greek fret design. Usually a border of geometric labyrinth pattern repeated.
Melton - mel-ton - A strong cloth for overcoats. It takes its name from Melton Mowbray in Northamptonshire where it first came into general use.
Mercerize - Mur-cer-rise - To treat cotton as to make it appear like silk. The process was devised in 1844 by John Mercer of Great Harwood, Lancashire, England, who treated cotton fibres with sodium hydroxide to make them stronger and more absorbent for dyeing.
Merino Wool
Merino Wool - Ma-re-no - Wool grown by the Spanish breed of Merino sheep. Super fine Merinos are regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep. The majority of Merino wool comes from Australia.
Milan Collar
Milan Collar - Rather than a single button at the top, the Milan collar has two smaller buttons to fasten the collar.
Miniver - min-i-ver - The soft underbelly of the common grey squirrel
Mohair - The long, white, silken hair of the Angora goat