Wednesday, 17 March 2021 16:17

The dawn of the smart masks - AIRPOP

AirPop Active+ smart mask with Halo Sensor

Air wearable brand AirPop has announced that its Active+ smart mask with Halo sensor, designed specifically with movement in mind and breathability for high intensity workouts, cycling, running, and other athletic activities. In addition to this, the connected Halo sensor actively monitors user respiratory health stats and local air quality, providing breathing and mask performance through the companion app*.

*The app is currently available for iOS and will be available for Android at the end of this month from all supported app stores.

Since 2015, the company has tried to fix three critical issues that exists with mask wearing: fit, filtration and breathability. The revolutionary mask design includes a patented seal ensuring a secure fit, while the 3D Air Dome increases airflow for better breathability and comfort. Furthermore, AirPop masks combine a 4-layer filter material to create a barrier down to 0.1 microns achieving greater than 99% efficiency in accredited laboratory tests.

Is this the new future?

AirPop Active+ smart mask with Halo Sensor £149.99

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