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Thursday, 28 July 2022 15:25

Tried & Tested Indie Lee

Indie Lee beauty review tried tested chic geek men's razor bestIn 2008, brand Founder Indie Lee experienced a health crisis that led to a general lifestyle re-evaluation, and that included looking at what she was putting on her skin (after learning that up to 60% of what we apply to our skin may be absorbed in as little as 26 seconds). Sourcing the world's finest ingredients and formulating with the help of leading, like-minded chemists, Indie Lee & Co. intrinsically blends nature and science and utilises alternative ingredient solutions to bring the most efficacious products to market without sacrificing safety. 

TheChicGeek says, “I asked for the most male facing products to try and was recommended to try the Active Oil-Free Moisturizer, Banish Solution and Brightening Cleanser. I tried all three and overall impressions are; this is a quality range, all beautifully packaged. 

"The Brightening Cleanser is a fine, fruity smelling gel-like cleanser perfect for the shower, the oil-free moisturiser is a non-greasy yet rich daily moisturiser - just needs an SPF - containing daisy and vitamin C-rich mandarin extracts helping to improve the complexion while milk thistle and pomegranate provide antioxidant benefits. Jasmine, great burdock and immortel flowers provide lightweight hydration - my skin looked healthy and nourished - and the Banish Solution is a thick, pinkish and talc-free solution, applied with a cotton bud, containing colloidal sulfur and salicylic acid working to draw out impurities and absorb excess oil while zinc oxide nourishes skin to alleviate dryness. This was perfect for putting onto spots and blemishes - remember to remove after drying before leaving the house! - and it really dried out and shortened the life span of any spots or acne. I enjoyed this range and looked forward to using it. ChicGeek Recommends."

Left - Indie Lee - Active Oil-Free Moisturizer - £47, Banish Solution - £20, Brightening Cleanser - £34


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Thursday, 28 July 2022 14:30

Tried & Tested AKT Deodorant

AKT deordorant review tried tested chic geek men's razor bestFounded by actors Andy Coxon and Ed Currie, who took AKT-ion launching their very own (now award-winning) natural deodorant brand when the West End industry was shut down in 2020.

Dedicating three years to research, development and formulation, collaborating with leading experts in fragrance and cosmetic science, with exacting standards and a whole heap of creativity, Andy and Ed immersed themselves into the world of deodorant. The diligent duo created an all-vegan, gender-neutral, natural, plastic-free deodorant brand - that is tested on performers, not animals.

The AKT London range currently consists of three natural deodorant balms – SC. 01 ORANGE GROVE, SC. 02 AFTER THUNDER and SC. 03 The ONSEN – as well as THE APPLICATOR and THE ASSISTANT tools.

TheChicGeek says, “A few of us - meaning me - got out of the habit of daily deodorant during lockdown and WFH. If anything is going to get you back in to it, and fill you with confidence, this is it. The brass applicator is a bit of an indulgent faff, but it certainly nice to handle and look at.

”I tried The Onsen, which features vetiver, lavandin and citrus, which all smell delicious. A pea-sized amount for each armpit is sufficient and this really does last all day. You almost don’t need anything other fragrance when wearing this. 'The Assistant could easily be used on all your tubed products.”

Left & Below - AKT - Deodorant Balm - SC.03 The Onsen, £19, The Applicator - £26, The Assistant - £9


AKT deordorant review tried tested chic geek men's razor best

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Tuesday, 07 June 2022 09:01

Tried & Tested GALLIVANT Gdańsk

gallivant fragrance gdansk amber ambergris review tried tested chic geek men's razor best

The Polish Baltic city of Gdańsk is the inspiration behind the new fragrance from award-winning London- based perfumery GALLIVANT. Gdańsk, the eleventh perfume from the brand, is an exploration of mysterious ambergris, of sperm whale fame, and the fantasy accord we know as amber.

Warm and spicy in the opening, with plum, honey, cardamom, nutmeg and saffron. A rich, woody heart with leather notes, cistus absolute, sustainable sandalwood oil from New Caledonia, patchouli, and incense resinoid – with a light touch of rose. Finished with a deep, earthy, smoky ambery base of tobacco absolute, cypriol, styrax (liquidambar), vanilla, musks and ambergris. 

Left - GALLIVANT - Gdańsk - 100ml Eau de Parfum - £145

Founder and Creator Nick Steward says “Poland is a country close to my heart. I admire the character of the people and the place: strong, warm-hearted, independent-minded. That’s the emotion I wanted to conjure up with this perfume. Gdańsk is a beautiful and memorable city on the Baltic – famed for its amber and its intrepid history of seafaring. I wanted to pay tribute to this city with its surprising and fascinating history.”

Gdańsk by GALLIVANT was created by Founder Nick Steward in collaboration with Barcelona-based perfumer Julia Rodríguez Pastor. Julia says “When I visited Gdańsk I was genuinely surprised by the city - and the place amber resin has in the history and culture there. In perfumery, we tend to think of the ambery style as linked to the Middle East, so I was excited when talking to Nick that we could explore my favourite style of accord – amber – in a new way, and play with this style of perfume-making in an expected and novel way.”

TheChicGeek says, “Gallivant continues its travels, this time, I'd readily admit, to a city that I had to Google to firmly know it was in Poland. This has a consistent warmth with a light rose at the start and comforting depth of amber and ambergris. It doesn’t change very much through time, but isn’t a stayer. It disappears almost as magically as it arrives. This is my favourite from Gallivant’s offer of 11 city scents.”


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gillette exfoliating razor review tried tested chic geek men's razor best

Gillette Labs has launched The Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor. Gillette’s premium innovation hub – the razor has the first ever built-in exfoliation bar, accompanied with a lifetime warranty. The razor’s built-in exfoliation bar removes dirt and debris from the skin before the blades pass and features Gillette’s most advanced five blade technology for a close, comfortable shave. The beautifully designed metal handle comes with a magnetic stand to securely hold the razor upright, meaning the razor not only looks great on your sink but also allows your blades to dry fully.

TheChicGeek says, “This has a similar design to the Gillette Labs Heated Razor (Click on for ChicGeek review) launched in 2019. The magnetic stand also comes from this revolutionary razor. 

"There’s nothing that different here from a standard razor, and the exfoliating bar isn’t noticeable, but the shave was ultra smooth, and, most importantly, there was zero irritation. Feels like a quality product too.”

Left - Gillette Labs - Exfoliating Razor - £22.49

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men's grooming expert hello toothpaste review any good?I wonder if Adele or Lionel Ritchie uses Hello toothpaste? These are just two of the many wonderful and pointless thoughts you can have in the 2 mins it takes to brush your teeth. Containing ‘farm grown mint’ and tea tree and coconut oil, Hello's naturally whitening is said to whiten teeth naturally, helps prevent cavities and remineralises enamel.

What do they mean by farm grown mint? Hello’s mint is grown by fourth-generation farmers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and surrounding areas, farmers they actually know. (Gabrielle and Dina). #brushhappy

TheChicGeek says, “It’s about time toothpaste had a personality. Who doesn’t love a cheerful ‘hello’ in the morning? Hello has no artificial sweeteners, no colourants, no SLS/sulfates, no peroxide and the mint taste is softer and more natural. Most importantly, it is also a fluoride toothpaste to help prevent cavities.

This feels gentle while preventive enough with plenty of natural ingredients.

Toothpaste tablets seem to have become something of a trend lately. I’m not sure why you’d choose these over traditional toothpaste, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Only thing to highlight is these are fluoride free so don't complain when your dentist bill comes in!"

Left - Hello - Naturally Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste - £6.99

Below - Hello - Goodbye Plaque, Hello Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste Tablets - £7.99

men's grooming expert hello toothpaste review any good?www.hello-products.co.uk

Disclosure - A sample was sent free for review

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Review King C. Gillette Style Master hair trimmerThe King C. Gillette Style Master is a simple tool offering 3 combs to help you sculpt an individual look, 4 cutting elements designed to trim different hair lengths, and a pivoting head that adapts to the face’s contours. The Style Master is said to give you the flexibility to master your stubble style with ease.

The slim, compact handle comes with a 360° rubber surface for great grip and control, and it’s also fully waterproof for easy cleaning under running water. With cordless power, one charge providing 45 minutes of trimming time.

Left - King C. Gillette Style Master - £39.99

TheChicGeek says, “This is priced slightly higher than the market leading Philips OneBlade - Read TheChicGeek review here - and looks slightly anonymous without the ‘Style Master’ name on.

It's made by Braun, which is respected in electrical, and works well enough with the stability of trimming against the skin. What it can’t do is trim hair around the mouth etc. in the air. It doesn’t have the strength.

The head is fairly small so clogs easily and looks pretty grubby quite quickly. Though it can be rinsed clean.

This is fine for a quick tidy up, but not much more than that.”


Disclosure - A sample was sent free for review

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Review Naturopathica Green Tourmaline Energy MaskNew to the UK, Naturopathica was founded by Barbara Close in 1995. She opened the Naturopathica Healing Arts Center & Spa in East Hampton to share her discoveries with a wider audience and is regarded as a pioneer in the wellness movement and the leader in holistic skin care. The perfect combination of natural herbology and science-driven actives have been formulated together to ensure extremely effective results, without harming skin. 

This warming gemstone mask is infused with the powerful energy of green tourmaline and wasabi, and is said it will leave you mentally recharged and with a nourished, dewy complexion. Perfect for all skin types.

Left - Naturopathica Green Tourmaline Energy Mask - 50g — £50

TheChicGeek says, “With a name like ‘Green Tourmaline’ I was expecting something looking like a magical green jelly, but it was a standard, light grey clay type mask with a faint lemon/citrus fragrance. The consistency is loose, if you like your masks light and easily spreadable. This is also better to get under men’s facial hair.

It left the skin clean without feeling stripped. The pot opening could be slightly bigger to accommodate men’s fatter fingers. It is fairly expensive for a small pot and I don’t feel this product, the first I’ve tried from the brand, really reflects why it has proven so popular in the US.”


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Disclosure - A sample was sent free for review

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men's tested tried the chic geek Lab Series Max LS Weightless Anti-Aging Water Lotion

Lab Series' Max LS Weightless Anti-Aging Water Lotion has been reformulated with 'Youth Renewing Technology' and powerful ferments to condition and recharge skin after cleansing, leaving it smoother and younger-looking.

Left - Lab Series - Max L S Weightless Anti-Aging Water Lotion - 200ml - £40 

The new Max LS Weightless Anti-Aging Water Lotion is clinically proven on men’s skin to: enhance skin’s overall brightness, boosting skin’s radiance by 11%*, help refine skin’s texture and help it look smoother and minimise the look of fine dry lines
*Clinical testing on 27 men immediately after one use.

Ingredients include -

Molasses Ferment helps to improve the look of skin tone by restoring radiance.

Lactobacillus, a potent probiotic, helps strengthen the skin’s barrier to regulate moisture levels and to defend it against external aggressors.

Acetyl Glucosamine, an amino acid sugar, helps to gently exfoliate for smoother, more even texture.

Green Tea Leaf Extract is a potent antioxidant known for its soothing properties.

TheChicGeek says, "I'll be honest, I hadn't tried the original version of this, so I'd thought I'd give it go after the brand's recent refresh. Read more Lab Series Rebrands

"This really does feel like the water in its name. Light and non-fragranced, it is like refreshingly splashing your face with water. I used after cleansing, morning and night, and there was a visible difference. Skin felt and looked more refreshed and healthier. Definitely a product for guys who want something easy and gentle. Apply moisturiser over the top."


Disclosure - Lab Series gifted TheChicGeek a product for review

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men's  tested tried the chic geek l'oreal men expert one twist hair colorThe global launch of L’Oréal Men Expert's One-Twist Hair Color is said to unveil the secret to simple, natural-looking grey coverage requiring no more effort than a quick shave. With its ammonia-free formula, this product innovation raises the bar in men’s hair colour. It makes grey coverage effortless, delivered in an easy-mix bottle with an integrated brush.

Left - L’Oréal Men Expert - One-Twist Hair Color - £9.99 from Boots

Using a smartphone to scan the QR code on the product’s box instantly launches a digital tool, which uses 3 quick, simple questions to help men decipher their ideal shade from the 7 colours in the One-Twist Hair Color range. The tool also gives the lowdown on how to use the colour, product ingredients, and customer reviews.

TheChicGeek says, "This really is as simple as it says. Twist, following the direction of the arrows, shake, remove the plastic stopper between the bristles, squeeze a little bit, then comb through.

No smell, leave 5 mins and rinse off. It didn't even stain your hands or the pillow. The results are consistent and coverage was good. There's plenty of product to leave and use again. This is so quick and easy, you'll use it as a regular top-up product."

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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 14:57

Tried & Tested HOOHAA Realist by Contradictions in ILK

men's HOOHAA fragrance subscription tested tried the chic geekHOOHAA ‘is a new shopping experience helping consumers who require a more current and inclusive approach to fragrance’. A monthly subscription service, HOOHAA offers a three (£39), six (£75), and twelve-month (£139) gift subscription. They also have full-sized bottles available to buy from their website from all the scents featured within their drops. 

They have three edits -

Easy Does It - A range of easily wearable yet interesting fragrances.

Buckle Up - Perfumes for those who don't shy away from the risk of gluing their own noses (or the noses of others) to their wrists.

Take Me To Mars - A selection for the truly adventurous and advanced fragrance fans.

Ryan Hall, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, says, “We aim to help our customers cut through the noise in fragrance. From curating the newest, most purpose-driven, high-quality brands with people that care behind them. To simplify perfume descriptions and busting some of the myths the industry has dined out on for many decades. And all wrapped up in a small but perfectly formed, aesthetically pleasing monthly vial of pleasure - delivered to you for a long-term test, without an army of snooty sales assistants forcing the latest release on you! We want to make an inaccessible market accessible to everyone that cares enough to try us out.”

Left - HOOHAA retails at £14.95 per month

TheChicGeek says, “The choice felt overwhelming so I just asked for a fragrance that summed up the HOOHAA brand best. I went for the 'Realist by Contradictions in ILK’ from the ‘Easy Does It’ sub-division, which didn’t feel like a simplification of fragrance?

An amber woody fragrance for women and men, the Realist was launched in 2020. Top notes are bergamot, lemon, yuzu and pepper; middle notes are petitgrain, sea notes, cedar, rose and black tea; base notes are vetiver, incense, amber, hinoki wood and immortelle.

It smells exactly like CK One, which is genius if the brand is targeting Young Gen X or older Millennials. CK One is a classic androgynous fragrance from the mid 90s and this is like a quality update. I hope it doesn’t represent the brand too much, because I like the concept, branding and language, and I think anybody subscribing or gifting something like this would want something more individual or contemporary.

It was definitely an easy-wearer.

HOOHAA are based in Prince Charles’ model town of Poundbury. I would have played around with that in the branding too. Modern classical?”


Disclosure - A free sample by HOOHAA was provided for review

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