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Tried & Tested Oodee Skincare

oodee skincare allergen fragrance free moisturiser review tried tested chic geek men's razor bestA former brand manager for L'Oreal has co-founded a new skincare company offering the first allergen-free moisturiser, serum and cleanser. Oodee is the only skincare brand to actively eliminate all known food and fragrance allergens from their products, giving consumers control and freedom with high-performance, nutrient-rich formulas that feed skin from the outside in.

Based in London, Oodee is a pioneering Allergen Neutral™ skincare range that is providing a new solution to the links between allergies, intolerances and skin flare-ups.

Left - Oodee - HALO Purifying Foaming Cleanser - £24, NOVA Illuminating Moisturiser - £55

The range is backed by science, kickstarting a revolution to offer worry-free skincare for people that suffer from unknown flare-ups – a group that is often overlooked by the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Karen Harwood and Victoria Tdydeman first started the company in 2018 and spent four years developing the product range that eliminates 14 food and 26 fragrance allergens. Its formulation focus on using a multivitamin complex of scientifically proven active ingredients called DermaRDE+.

Karen Harwood, co-founder of Oodee, says, “I spent a decade trying to figure out the cause of my flare-ups, whilst missing out on all the beautiful products I couldn’t use. To make it worse, there was no evidence or answers to point me in the right direction, so I was lost in this constant cycle of trial and error. My flare-ups were random and painful; often red and raw, especially around my eyes, which also meant I couldn’t use makeup to disguise them.

“At the time, people were becoming aware of allergens in their diet thanks to the free-from food movement, but nobody was linking the same triggering ingredients with skincare. I realised that if you wouldn’t eat something you’re intolerant or allergic to, then why would you put it on your skin?”

TheChicGeek says, “This is a great idea. My skin is particularly sensitive to gluten and dairy, when ingested, causing painful acne and flare-ups, so I was looking forward to seeing whether anything topical could make a difference. Or, by eliminating these factors, how my skin fared when compared with products I had used before.

I tried the HALO cleanser and the NOVA moisturiser from Oodee’s launch of 3 products.

The cleanser has a pump dispenser which gives the product extra froth, but it dissipates almost as quickly as it appears. It feels like using nothing at all, which in some respects is good, but on that satisfyingly-washing-your-face barometer it makes you feel like repeating it all over again. My face didn’t feel satisfyingly cleansed.

The NOVA moisturiser has a gelatinous texture and a light aroma. It is non-greasy and goes on easily. It just doesn’t have any richness. My skin didn’t look any different at all.

Could this product range be a case of stripping so much out nothing is left?”

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