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If you’re unsure of something TheChicGeek has said or would simply like to know more regarding the origins of a particular word or men’s wear term then you've found the Geekipedia. A glossary of men’s wear terms, the Geekipedia is an easy to use!
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Velour - Velour is the french for velvet. It is a woollen or cotton fabric with a velvet like pile.
Velvet - True velvet is made of silk. Velvet is a tufted fabric with a soft texture. Some people are known to have a phobia about velvet. Looks great on a evening jacket as it reflects the light. Nothing has the colour density of velvet, the blues and blacks are as intense as any Anish Kapoor sculpture.
Velveteen - This is poor man’s velvet made of cotton.
Vicuna - Ver-cuna - The vicuna is one of two wild South American camelids, a relative of the llama along which live in the high alpineous areas of the Andes. Vicunas produce small amounts of extremely fine wool because the animal can only be shorn every 3 years. This is one of the most expensive fabrics that exist.
Voile - A thin, light weight woven fabric, usually made of cotton or cotton blends including linen or polyester. The term comes from French and means veil.